Online puja without your presence - Gokarna Puja

Online puja without your presence

Online Pujas in your Absence

Perform following online pujas without your presence at Gokarna, Karnataka, India. You may not be able to visit puja places due to various situations. Do not worry we are here to give the best possible solution. You can not postpone certain types of pujas which are period, day, and time-specific. For Example Birthday pujas, Anniversary pujas, Afterlife rituals, Pitra dosh, Kuj dosh pujas, etc.

Why one should perform Online Puja at Gokarna?

1 Gokarna is the ultimate place to perform various homams and pujas in the country. We have a history of performing these pujas for many centuries, since the Kadamba dynasty.
2 Gokarna pandits are known for their Vedic knowledge not only in the country, and abroad also.
3 We perform only individual puja, not common pujas which are in practice in other places.
4 Gokarna is both Mukthi and Siddhi Kendra in India. Place known for, homams, yazna, yaga , dosh nivarna pujas like, Moksha narayan bali puja, Kuja dosh nivarna puja, Pitra dosh parihara puja etc.

How we perform online puja

1 Sankalp is taken on Zoom/What’s app video call from the performer.
2 Designated Brahman will represent performer at Gokarna who will perform as per the instructions of Vedic pandits.
3 Performer and his/her family members can be present on video calls for major puja procedures or entire duration.
4 We will send you video clippings of puja/Homam covering important procedures. The video duration will be around 15-30 minutes although puja duration may vary from 45 minutes to 4 hours, depending upon the type of online puja.

List of Online Pujas at Gokarna

Moksha narayan bali
Pitra dosh Nivarana puja
Kuj dosh puja
Sudarshan homam
Maha Mrityuanjaya Homam
Kaal sarp dosh puja
Santana Gopal Krishna puja
Birthday Puja
Anniversary puja
Pretha samskara pooja
Tripindi shradh
Sarpa samskara pooja
Nag bali
Naga prathistapana
Aghorastra homam
Uttara kriya
Varsha shraddha

Maha Ganapathi shanti
Navagraha Shanti
Mrityunjaya shanti
Shata rudra havana Maha Rudrabhishek Puja
Navchandi havan
Maha Sudarshana Homa
Vamachara Sandhi Shanti
Shukra aditya sandhi shanti Rahu Brihaspati sandhi shanti
Kujarahu sandi shanti
Rahu ketu pida kala sarpa shanti
Kankan or vihava bhaghya Vinayaka shanti
Thila Homam

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