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Ashlesha Bali Pooja Benefits, Procedure, and Cost

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Ashlesha Bali pooja is a specific solution for those who are born on Ashlesha Nakshatra, who have a Kaal Sarp dosha and Sarp dosha. However, the planets’ position decides whether Ashlesha Bali is a complete/one among the solution for Kaal Sarp dosha and Sarp dosha. One should consult the right astrologer to know which puja to perform for Kaal Sarp dosha and Sarp dosha.

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  • Eliminates or minimizes Rahu and Ketu adverse effects on day to day life happenings
  • Avoids Delay or hurdles in marriage and conceiving a child. Hence this puja is very important for a family event.
  • Makes to concentrate on one activity at a time and avoids wandering from one place to another place without any specific reason.
Ashlesha Bali pooja

    How to perform Individual Ashlesha Bali pooja

    Time needed: 2 hours and 30 minutes.

    1. Sankalp

    2. Vinayaka Puja

    3. Ashlesha Bali Kalasha sthaapana

    4. Ashlesha Mandal arpane

    5. Ashlesha Bali Jap

    6. Ashlesha Bali Homa

    7. Purnaahuti

    8. Prasad Vitarane

    Ashlesha Bali pooja cost

    Individual Ashlesha Bali Puja with Ashlesha Mandala and Homam starts from INR 12000-28000 (Inclusive of Puja materials, Accommodation, and Food).

    Poja dates 2022- Ashlesha Bali Pooja

    FEBRUARY15/02/22, 1:27 PM -TUESDAY16/02/22,3:03 PM -WEDNESDAYWEDNESDAY
    MARCH14/03/22, 8:47 PM – MONDAY15/03/22,10:29 PM -TUESDAYTUESDAY
    APRIL11/04/22, 4:08 AM -MONDAY12/04/22, 5:55 AM-TUESDAYMONDAY-TUESDAY
    MAY08/05/22, 11:13 AM-SUNDAY09/05/22, 1:27 PM-MONDAYMONDAY
    JUNE04/06/22, 7:00 PM-SATURDAY05/06/22, 9:00 PM-SUNDAYSUNDAY
    JULY02/07/22, 2:22 AM- SATURDAY03/07/22, 4:27 AM-SUNDAYSATURDAY
    AUGUST25/08/22, 5:03 PM- THURSDAY26/08/22, 7:18 PM-FRIDAYFRIDAY
    SEPTEMBER22/09/22,12:12 AM-THURSDAY23/09/22, 2:31 AM-FRIDAYTHURSDAY
    OCTOBER19/10/22, 6:19 AM-WEDNESDAY20/10/22, 9:48 AM -THURSDAYTHURSDAY
    NOVEMBER15/11/22, 2:30 PM-TUESDAY16/11/22, 4;57 PM- WEDNESDAYWEDNESDAY
    DECEMBER12/12/22, 9:30 PM-MONDAY13/12/22, 11:59 PM-TUESDAYTUESDAY

    Contact: 9663645980 ( For other dates as per your birth details)

    Online booking Ashlesha Bali pooja

    Contact: 9448628918/9663645980
    To speak in English: 9663645980
    To speak in Hindi/Kannada/Telugu/Marathi/Konkani
    Contact: 7892323412

    Gokarna pooja online

    Puja Place

    Gokarna Punyaashrama, Gokarna, Karnataka. The presence of universal protector Lord Mahableshwar and Subramanya Swamy makes Gokarna a unique place for Ashlesha Bali Puja along with learned Sanskrit priests.

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      sir namaste, i want to perform ashlesha balli pooja. how much it cost please tell me .
      give me some dates to perform pooja. this pooja i want to perform for my wife. her birth star is ashlesha. is there any staying facility. how much time need for pooja.

    3. Cuming to Gokarna on 21st August..want to perform ashlesha nakshatr shanti birth date 5-1-1980

    4. Sir , my dob : may 6th 1985 , eventhough I have completed engineering , I am working in Government bank as senior manager , still my marriage not able to fix , hence i came to kukke for sarpa samsakra poojae .Anuradha Star , Scorpion zodiac , suffering a lot due to this panic situation that eventhough everything is good , my height is 4.7 inch everybody rejected by that though they were not having jobs .

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