Annadanam and food donation in Hindu worship - Gokarna Puja

Annadanam and food donation in Hindu worship

Why Annadanam sarva shreshtha Daan ?

Annadanam is part of all Indian festivals and rituals. In Indian culture, the value of sharing of food can not be measured and considered a holy duty and humanity.
Annadanam is offered at temples and ashrams for devotees, volunteers and others. People make food donation at schools for students who are deprived of daily meals. Annadanam is considered as a highest selfless service, irrespective of position, cast and religion.

Annadanam Mahadanam at Gokarna

Why people offer Annadanam or food donation ?

1 Food offered for those who are hungry
2 Food offered for those who can not buy food due to poverty.
3 Annadanam is part all Hindu festivals and rituals and also in other religions
4 Food donation has got its own importance in Hindu sculptures.
5 Annadanam offered to overcome birth doshas found in horoscope.
6 To resolve karmic debt.

Karmic debit can be in the form of financial loss, illigal financial gain, physical and mental instability,anger, revenge, deliberate actions taken to harm innocent people and others, deceiving, conspiracy, damaging human relationship, bad acts through human and machine interface etc.

Why Food donation at Gokarna Karnataka ?

1 Gokarna is Mukti, siddhi, yazna and yaga kendra in India.
2 Presence of Lord Mahablashwar temple and Atma linga. Popularly known as Bhu Kailsha and Shiva Jagrathi place.
3 Presence of Holy pond Koti thirtha, Tamara Gowari, Rudra pada, Nageshwara, Brahma and Vishnu temples.
4 Gokarna is one among the three places in the country to perform Pitra dosh nivarna/ pitra kalayan puja.
5 Annadanam/food donation at our place is offered to devotees who visit our ashram to perfprm various pujas and homams at Gokarna , people who are deprived of daily meals and priests.

How to Donate

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