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Sudarshana homa significances, enemies protection

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2018)

Sudarshana homa, benefits, cost and places

What is Sudarshana homa?

Sudarshana homa performed for correct and right way of leading life from darkness to brightness. Su means correct and darshan means vision which is directed under proper guidance. Sudarshana homa is performed as a solution to all ten doshas, especially to overcome bad and ill effects created by enemies. These physical and psychological imbalances are due to mantra, tantra, which craft, black magic etc. This homa is widely performed in Vishnu/Krishna/Rama temples.

Sudarshana homa benefits

Enlightens with positive energy

Helps to combat all activities of enemies directed towards a person or members of family.

Relieves from worries and sufferings caused by bad elements.

Cure from diseases and improves overall health condition.

Avoids misunderstanding and separation among family members .

Sudarshana homa for 10 doshas

1 Death

2 Separations

3 Infatuation/snare/mesmerizing/trap

4 Quirks

5 Mantra

6 Tantra

7 Poison

8 Prayoga

9 Abhichara

10 Deceptions.

Sudarshana homa Place:

The ideal place to perform Sudarshan Homa in South India is Gokarna, Karnataka which is known as Southern Kashi of India.

Contact Sri Rajgopal Guruji 9448628918 for booking and details.

How to reach Gokarna – CLICK HERE


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