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Prayaschita thila homam cost

(Last Updated On: December 2, 2019)

Prayaschita thila homam benefits, cost and  puja days.

Prayaschita thila homam along with Narayan bali puja is a complete solution for pitra dosh and unnatural  death in a family.  Gokarna in Karnataka is the right place to perform  prayaschita thila homam.

One should perform  Prayaschita thila homam to overcome following:

Entire family sin and karma.

Mischief, Misfortunes and Adversity.

Infant death, Unnatural death and Abortion.

Defamation and Treachery of Master.

Delay in Marriage, Conceiving child

By performing prayaschita thila homam all family members will attain highest level of physical and mental stability.

Prayaschita thila homam also performed for Guru/Stree dosh parihara.

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Thila numbers starts from 1000 and can go up to few thousands as mentioned in prayaschita prakarna.

Note: Mantra chanting in Sanskrit only. Individual puja. We can organize Tamil speaking priests if required.

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