Navagraha purak aghorastra puja - Gokarna Puja

Navagraha purak aghorastra puja

(Last Updated On: September 21, 2017)

Navagraha purak aghorastra puja (Self protection puja)

Puja Related to Lord Shiva. Best Results if conducted at Gokarna, Karnataka. Brilliant and effective puja for combating bad and negative energies created by yourself internally and others externally. Source are negative sound vibrations and frequent bad human interactions. These are considered as enemies who always try to block your growth in business, education health, family matters etc.

For details contact Rajgopal Guruji Gokarna.

M: +91 9448628918

Puja cost: INR 45000 onwards.

Navagraha purak aghorastra puja conducted for a well known Industrialist of Bangalore on 29/12/2016

Gokarn Priest

Masika Shraddha conducted on 07/01/2017.
Masika Shraddha

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