Before performing Narayan bali puja, one should have clear information why, where and when this puja has to be performed. We have highlighted this in the below content.

Why narayanbali puja performed with thila homam ?

1 Unnatural death in a family occurs
2 Pitra Dosh found in horoscope
3 Due to life related events where you feel that one should do some type of Puja for their ancestors. This should be done by consulting us or any day during pitra paksha period.
4 When there is a death of unmarried man / woman.
5 Delay in marriage/ conceiving a child

 What is Naryana bali puja?

Narayan Bali Puja (in all cases of abnormal death) is a necessary ritual described in Garuda Purana which is performed in all cases of abnormal death, defined as follows: death by fasting, by animals, by accident, by arson, by a curse, by cholera or any unusual disease which suddenly caused untimely death, suicide, fall from a mountain, tree or any height, drowning, death by muggers or robbers, by snake bite, struck by lightning, murder and persons who are great sinners, delay in marriage, problems in conceiving child, business loss, family separation etc.

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For all unnatural death there is neither ritual for cremation, nor tarpana, nor shraddh nor asaucham.  Narayan Bali consists of the same ritual as a Hindu funeral. Vedic Mantras are chanted to invoke such lost souls. Narayan Bali puja causes the soul to liberate and transcend.

If pitra dosh found in one’s horoscope Pitra dosh puja in the form Narayan Bali has to be performed as early as possible.

One should consult a good Brahmin for Narayan Bali Puja to relieve the dead person’s soul and to help reach its destination i.e. Yamaloka.

Why Narayan Bali puja should be performed at Gokarna ?

Gokarna (Kannada: ಗೋಕರ್ಣ) is a small temple town on the western coast of India in the Kumta taluk of Uttara Kannada district of the state of Karnataka.The main temple deity is Lord Shiva, who is also known as Mahabaleshwar. Gokarna is known as one of the seven important Hindu pilgrimage centers in India.
This holy place is known as Bhookailasa and the Southern Varanasi. (Ref. Skandha Purana, Guru Charitra)
Gokarna means Cow’s Ear. It is believed that Lord Shiva emerged from the ear of a cow (Prithvi, the Mother Earth) here. It is at the ear-shaped confluence of two rivers Gangavali and Aghanashini. Thus Gokarna gained global spiritual significance. Performing Maha Mrityunjaya Homam at Gokarna has its own very significances.
Gokarna is mentioned in the Shrimad Bhagavata Purana as being the home of the brothers Gokarna and Dhundhakari. Mahabaleshwara Temple (Maha: great, bal: strength) is a famous Shiva Temple and it houses the ‘Atmalinga’
Gokarn Priest

The Brahmin king Raja Mayooravarma was instrumental in bringing the first 30 or so families to Gokarna. Brahmins have a history of 1300 years back and documental proofs are available since 15th century about Gokarna priests and scholars for performing various pujas like Navagraha-purak-aghorastra-puja, Narayan bali, Kaal sarp dosh puja,Maha Mrantuynjya Homam, pind daan, tripindi shraddha etc.
Availability of a good number of learned scholars in Sanskrit and Vedic experts in Gokarna is an added advantage apart from the uniqueness of this holy place in India.

The Rudra paada of Lord Shiva is at Gokarna. Hence all pujas are performed throughout the year

Pitra Dosh Puja at Gokarna Details

Gokarn Priest

Why Narayan bali puja?

In case of abnormal death souls wander restlessly.
There is no other way to relieve souls (abnormal death) other than this ritual as described in Garuda Purana. For pitra dosh (if found in horoscope) and pitra kalayan, Narayan bali puja is the solution.

When should be Narayan bali puja be performed?

Narayana Bali should be performed at the earliest. Consult Bramhin immediately after the occurrence of abnormal death /pitra dosh found in horoscope.

How Naryana bali puja is performed?

The Narayana Bali should be performed through brahmins at Gokarna Karnataka in a tank full of water, in an eddy of pure water, in a cow shed, in a house or in a temple.

Five brahmins should be invited and arghya given to them. They should be learned, of good conduct, most excellent in their family, free from phyisical decrepitude and noble. Never should they be of the contempt-able type.

Where Naryan bali should be performed?

Narayana Bali Puja is performed at Vishnupad Temple at Gaya in Bihar, Mahabaleshwar Temple at Gokarna in Karnataka .

What are the benifits?

By performing narayana bali puja we ensure that soul has reached right destination peacefully. Hence this will be welfare of community related to dead person and good health, peace of mind, success in business and education, married life (pregnancy  and relationship), marriage hurdles solution and all things will happen on time.

How to Reach Gokarna

airplane105 Nearest airport Dabolim in Goa. This airport is around 140 kilometers away from Gokarna .

train20Gokarna rail link which is well connected with Margoa. If you are coming to Gokarna via rail then the nearest railway stations are located at Gokarna/ Ankola /Kumta which are about 6/20/18 kilometers away

sedan3KSRTC , VRL, Sugama, SRS, Kumars and many have frequent bus services in the region. There are plenty of buses which connect Gokarna to major and minor cities in the country which will make to reach Gokarna easy for the travellers.Bangalore to Gokarna
520 km
Pune to Gokarna
565 km
Mangalore to Gokarna
230 km
Hyderabad to Gokarna
640 km.

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