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Santhana Gopala Krishna puja – pregnancy – conceiving child – fertility

(Last Updated On: October 31, 2020)

Santhana Gopala Krishna puja benefits, procedure, cost and temple

What is Santhana Gopala Krishna puja?

Santhana Gopala Krishna puja is performed who wish to have a child.There are generally more than one reason for not conceiving a child. Santhana Gopala homam is also performed to have a healthy child and also for welfare of the children. Lord Krishna is the protector of universe who is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Gopala Krishna means baby Krisnha. The Krishna word means black color and attraction. The attraction is union, which solves infertility problem.

Benefits of Santhana Gopal Krishna puja

1 Helps in fertility.
2 Prevents miscarriages
3 prevents delay in child birth.
4 Helps to conceive healthy child and avoids complications during pregnancy.
5 Parents perform for welfare of their children .

Which is the right place to perform Santhana Gopala Krishna Puja ?

Gokarna, Karnataka is the right place to perform puja.
Krishna, Shiva, Kaala bhairava,  Goddess Kaali , Ganapati temples and Rama tirtha have made Gokarna divine place along with highly qualified vedic experts. Gokarna priests have a history of more than 500 years in performing effective and powerful homams. Wednesday is the ideal day to perform this puja. However depending upon one’s horoscope puja can be performed on other days.

Call Sri Rajgopal Guruji (Hindi/Kannada/Telugu/Marathi)
M: +91  9448628918, +91 7892323412

M: +91 9663645980 (English)

Along with Santhana Gopala Krishna puja, it is advisable to know possible reasons for infertility.

 21 Infertility reasons

1 Endometriosis
2 Ovulation
3 Poly cystic ovary syndrome
4 Female tube blockages
5 Anemic and hemoglobin problems
6 Poor egg quality
7 Thyroid problem
9 Immune system diseases
10 Male infertility
11 Delaying pregnancy due to career, family and personal issues.
12 Stress at work place.
13 Harmon variation
14 Irregular periods
15 Emotional disturbance
16 Smoking, alcohol, drugs
17 Traveling, long driving and sleep related issues
18 Obesity and unusually thin
19 Medicine overdose
20 Pollution and environment
21 Life style

How to reach Gokarna

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  1. we were guided by eminent sholars to go to gokarna there guruji guided us in performing upanayanam and we were safe in aashram we had food on time and all the staff in aashram were very helpful in providing whatever things we needed and guided us in completing the upanayanam ritual successfully
    as we were smartha krishna yagurshaka upanayanam rituals were done according to it and our atmost satisfaction was it was performed by the most eminent priest raja purohit who had immense knowledge of 4 vedas and later other yagna and shanthi were done by great priests under gurujis guidence .
    aashirvachanam was done with veda pandits we are satsified we performed we performed it there
    Ramashastry chaturveda adyayana pandit explained every minute detail in hindi as we were not well acquainted in kannada

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