Kuja dosha nivarana puja and Mangalik dosha

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2019)

Kuja dosha nivarana puja and Mangalik dosha parihara puja

Kuja dosha nivarana puja, parihara, timings, cost, booking, shanti,  best temple, benefits. Kuja dosha or Mangal dosha or chovva dosham occurs when Mars is placed in 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th  house in ascendant. Kuja dosh nivarana puja should be performed if the boy or girl is managlik.

Kuja dosh nivarana puja

Kuja dosh nivarana puja or homam should be performed at Gokarna. This puja performed at Gokarna, Karnataka include Kuja shanti, Navagraha shanti, Sarp shanti. One night stay required to perform Kuja dosh puja shanti at Gokarna.

What is Kadali vivah puja?

Kadali vivah puja performed for Manglik male. Kadali means Banana tree. By doing this puja one can expect marriage to happen at the earliest with  proper match and effects of manglik dosh are minimized. Second marriage avoided.

What is Kumbh vivah puja?

Kumbh vivah puja performed for a female having kuj/manglik dosh. Kumbh means a pot. In this puja,  kalasha is placed and  ambhaḥ aahwanam is done. By doing this puja one can expect marriage to happen at the earliest with  proper match and effects of manglik dosh are minimized. Second marriage avoided.
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Who should perform Kuja dosha shanti

  • Those who have kuja dosh in horoscope
  • Marriage hurdles related to marriage delay and matching.

Kuja dosha if found in horoscope, position of Mars in natal chart will have effect on family relationship, childhood, marriage, spouse relationship and welfare. If Kuja dosh puja not done under the proper guidance of learned Sanskrit priests will result in divorce, early death of family members, accidents and disturbed married life.

 Manglik dosh remedies and Manglik dosh cancellation

First step is to know whether one has Kuja dosha or Manglik dosha with the help of competent astrologer. Second crucial step is to find out whether there are other astrological factors which may cancel the bad effects. Third step is to perform right kuja dosh or manglik dosh puja at Gokarna, Karnataka.

5 Simple Manglik dosh / Kuja dosh remedies:

1 Fasting on every Tuesday
2 Chanting Navgraha and Gayatri mantras
3 Wear red coral stone
4 Feed birds
5 Worship banyan tree


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  1. In the last around six months the Lady Members of our family (Mother of my daughter-in-law, Mother of my son-in-law and very recently my own wife) have been facing one or the other health problems. MIL of my daughter from some Frozen shoulders, Mother of my DIL had an accident & fractured her hand and now slip disc and my wife also recently had a very freak accident causing serious leg injury. What is the appropriate collective Parihara Puja, you recommend, we may perform for the all round
    welfare and happiness of our families and children. Please mail the details and the approximate cost and where the Puja needs to be done.

  2. Hi ,
    I want to check whether I have kuja dosha r not
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