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Cow donation & feeding benefits, procedure, and cost

Cow donation, also know as Gau Daan is the right daan among all Hindu donations. This is the remedy to get rid of all bad karmas. These bad acts might have been committed knowingly or unknowingly. Hence Gau Daan benefits present and future generations. So one will get blessings of our ancestors and avoid bad consequences for the present and future generations. This could be from the past 7 generations or for the future 7 generations including the present generation.

Cow donation in the form of pratyaksha Gau daan along with Moksha Narayan Bali and prayaschita Thila Homam give 100% results for Health, Wealth, and contentment of all family members. The aim to attain moksha through Dharma, Artha, and the Kama strengthen by a cow gift. Moksha or liberation is the ultimate goal for human beings, beyond caste, creed, family, or lineage. So this liberation path has no religion attached to it.

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Cow donation Benefits

  • The solution from malefic planets.
  • Get rid of past and present bad karmas.
  • Goddess Lakshmi and progeny blessing.
  • Remove hurdles in business, profession, and career.
  • Timely marriage in the family.
  • Remove obstacles in all day to day activities.
  • Mental and physical stability.
  • Your own contribution to a healthy environment.
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Gau daan Procedure :

Time needed: 4 hours and 30 minutes

  1. Cow Snanam

  2. Cow Alankar

  3. Mantra chanting

  4. Gau pooja

  5. Cow and calf handover process

  6. Cow food, feeding grass donation for a specific period.

Cow donation cost :

INR 38000 : Gau Daan with Calf.
Narayan Bali, Thila Homam, and Gau daan with calf: INR 65000-75000

    Cow feeding Program duration and Cost

    One month: INR 1000
    Three months: INR 3000
    Six months: INR 6000
    12 months: INR 12000

    Cow gift and feeding place

    Gokarna Punyashrama, Gokarna, Karnataka.

    How to book Cow gift and Cow feeding program

    Contact: 94448628918/9663645980
    To speak in English: 9663645980
    To speak in Hindi/Kannada/Telugu/Marathi/Konkani
    Contact: 7892323412

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