Birthday Puja - Benefits and cost of the Birthday Puja - Gokarna Puja

Birthday Puja – Benefits and cost of the Birthday Puja

Birthday puja Benefits long life and good health for child and all.

Why birthday Puja should be performed?

Planets and stars position change every year. These changes start occurring specially and specifically from your every birthday. If proper puja done on birthday as per the horoscope, right things will happen in terms of health, wealth, and education. So birthday puja is very important to have a contentment in life.

Unfavorable incidents are avoided by doing right Puja on birthday at the right place. Many times we do puja when health problem and financial loss occurs or life doesn’t sail according to our expectations.

Contact for Marriage and Weedding anniversary puja. M: +91 9448628918

What our special birthday day puja includes?

Ganapati puja

Navagraha japa and

Mrityunjaya puja Japa and  Puja.

When we should do this Puja?

1 First birthday of the child (Contact our Guruji for special Mrityunjaya-  Ayusha homam)

2 10th, 25th, 50th, 60th, 75th, 80th, 90th, 100th year etc.

3 Any birthday year.

Birthdays are celebrated by sending inspirational quotes and spending money on foo and cakes. But your birthday would be meaningful and complete by performing special puja at Gokarna on your birthday. Our vedic experts calculate exact time to perform birthday puja by studying horoscope.

Birthday Puja benefits

1 Bountiful blessings and abundant happiness

2 Dreams into reality

3 You will find a new journey to pursue new endeavors

4 You will forget past and look forward to the future with proper planning and self-motivation.

5 Good health, prosperity, educational and professional success.

6 Mental stability, physical strength, healthy relationship within family, workplace and others.

Online Birthday puja prices:

Regular puja:  Inr 2950

Premium puja: Inr 4950

Premium puja with homam: 8950

Note: Puja samagri, Priest dakshane, 10 minutes video clip charges included. Prasad will be sent by courier.

Extra charges for stay and food for those who would like to visit Gokarna and perform birthday puja/homam.

For details and clarifications contact

M: 9448628918

On receipt of booking amount we will fix the puja or homam timings. Fill up the form and send all details as mentioned in the booking form. Booking amount must be credited 48 hours before the birthday puja or homam timing.

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Mrituyanjya homam mantra

“Om tryambakam yajamahe sugandhim puṣṭivardhanam

Urvarukamiva bandhanan 

Mrutyor  muksheeya Ma-amrutaat”

Ayusha homam mantra 

“Om Hamm Ayur Devathaabhya Namaha”

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