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Maha Rudra Homam Cost, Benefits & Procedures

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2022)

Maha Rudra Homam is a Homam of 1331 Avartanas. Chanting of 169 mantras is one Rudra Avartana. This is a process of creation and prayers to Lord Rudra by chanting the Rudra Homam’s mantra. Rudra is the highest ruler and solution, provider. Lord Rudra powers three spheres of this universe known as tri-lokas.


  • Health & Mind complete cleansing 
  • With bravery, manage several obstacles 
  • Wish accomplishment and the safety of life 
  • Victory over death and good health 
  • Get rid of bad karmas.
  • Solution for Self, Family, Business, Health & Wealth needs and healthy relationship with all family members
maha rudra homam

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    How to perform Maha Rudra Homam

    Time needed: 2 days

    Following are the steps in Shata Rudra Homam

    1. Rudra homam sankalp

    2. Vinayak Puja

    3. Navagraha avahane

    4. Navagraha kalasha sthapane

    5. Rudra homam kalasha sthapane

    6. Ritvik varnane

    7. Rudra Homam Jap

    8. Rudra Homam

    9. Purnahuti

    10. Madhu parka dash daan

    11. Prasad Vitrane

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    For Hindi/Kannada/Telugu/Marathi

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    Maha Rudra Homam Cost

    Homam Cost starts from INR 525000. However, the cost can vary depending upon the type of daan in the homam.
    This Homam is two days puja and includes accommodation and food. The ideal place to perform this Homam is Gokarna, Karnataka.

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