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Death Anniversary Ceremony | First Year Rituals |

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2021)

The death anniversary ceremony is a must-to-do afterlife ritual in the Hindu religion. First-year rituals after death are very important. Normally people perform this traditional ancestors homage at pilgrimage places. These pilgrimage places are on the banks of the river or a holy pond or nearby seashore or at the confluence of three rivers. The exact ritual date is calculated on the basis of death time, Tithi, which falls in Krishna paksha or Shukla paksha as per the Hindu calendar.

Death Anniversary Ceremony

    Benefits :

    • Timely marriage in the family.
    • Avoids delay in conceiving a child.
    • Removes Hurdles in work.
    • Liberation to the departed soul.
    • Peace of mind for all family members.
    • Blessing of ancestors.

    How to perform Death Anniversary Ceremony | First-year Rituals |

    Time needed: 2 hours.

    Death Anniversary and First-year rituals can be done online and also in physical presence.

    1. Sankalp.

    2. Vinayaka pooja

    3. To know all steps of Death Anniversary Ceremony visit How to perform Death Anniversary.

    Death Anniversary Ceremony and First-year rituals cost.

    The cost varies from INR 6000-INR 35000. Variation in price is due to number of Brahmins, number of Tila Sankhya, Brahman Bhojana and Daan.

    Ritual Place:

    Om Beach Road
    Karnataka, India

    Know More:

    To speak in English/Kannada/Hindi
    Phone+91 9663645980
    To speak in Telugu/Kannada/Marathi/Konkani
    Phone+91 9448628918

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