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Masikam Oona, Monthly, Sodhakumbam Procedure and Cost.

Monthly Masikam: The ritual process of offering food and water 12 times to the departed soul. This is the specific Tithi day as per the Hindu calendar during the first year of death.
These dates are 30th, 60th, 90th, 120th, 150th, 180th, 210th, 240th,270th, 300th, 330th and 360th day from the date of death, as per the Hindu calendar.

Monthly Masikam

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    Oona Masikam Calculator

    The ritual process of offering food and water on the following days during the first year of death. The Sanskrit word “Un” (ऊन-Oona) means “Less than” in English.

    21st day, 27th day, between 41st day to 45th day, between 171st day to 175th day, between 346th to 350th day from the date of death are the ritual dates.

    21st day: Ritual is Adya Masikam (Adya means “First in Sanskrit”)
    27th day: Ritual is Oonmasam or Unmasona ( Derived from the Sanskrit word mASona means Less than a Month)
    Between 41st day to 45th day: Traipakshika. Pakshika means 15 days. “Traipakshika” in Sanskrit means three half months.
    Between 171 St day to 175th day: Oonsanmosa, means less than the sixth month, derived from the Sanskrit word “SaNmAsa” means six months))
    Oonabdika (Unabdika/Unabdikam): Between 346th to 350th day. Abdika means yearly in Sanskrit. Oonabdika means less than a year. Also known as 11 months and 15 days afterlife ritual.

    Sodhakumbam: Normally done a day before Abdikam. This also refers to the water enclosed in a pot to the departed soul.
    Abdikam: Yearly ritual.

    Masikam, Oona, Sodhakumbam and Abdtikam Procedure

    Time needed: 4 days

    This procedure is on the assumption that all Masikams till the 330th day have been performed.

    1. First Day

      Unabdikam Masikam + homam+  Daanam+ Bhojanam

    2. Second Day

      Varshantika or Sodhakumbam+ homam+Daanam+Bhojanam

    3. Third Day

      Abdikam or Mrityu Tithi ritual shraddham+homam+Daanam+Bhojanam.

    4. Fourth Day

      1008 jap Navagraha Purvak Devatha Karyam+
       Homam + Bhojanam

      Note: Daanam: Standard Dasha Daanam, like, Deepam Daanam, Udaka Kumbha, Shayya, Padukam,  Vastram etc.

    Monthly Masikam Cost

    This cost starts from INR 8000-150000. Accommodation and Satvik food included. Individual ritual and No common ceremony.
    Variation in price is due to the number of persons, the number of brahmins, food type, and donation.

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