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Samvatsarikam, Taddinam Procedure and Cost.

Samvatsarikam: This means annual rituals in English. Derived from the Sanskrit word “sAMvatsarika”. These are three-day “First-year” death rituals or ceremonies as per the Hindu afterlife life rituals for a departed soul. This includes following rituals.
1 Un abtikam : Two days before Abtikam.
2 Samvatsaravimoka : The day before Abtikam. That is the previous day of actual Mrityu tithi. Vimoka means liberation.
3 Taddinam: Also known as Abtikam. Every year, one should perform as per the actual Hindu calendar Tithi date, Paksham (Sukla Pakshamulu or Krishna Pakshamulu), and Masam. Taddinam is a Sanskrit word. It means a certain day in English.


Samvatsarikam Procedure

Time needed: 3 days

Three-day shraddha ceremony.

  1. First Day

    Un Abtikam.

  2. Second Day

    Samvatsaravimoka .

  3. Third-Day


Why one should perform Samvatsarikam

  • For the liberation of the departed soul.
  • Get divine blessings of pitrus.
  • Keep happy pitrus and make their journey towards pitru loka safe and hurdles-free.
  • Make good events to happen on time in the family-like employment, marriage, etc.

Samvatsarikam Cost.

It starts from INR 8000 – INR 95000, including stay and food. This cost depends upon the number of ritual days, Food menu, and the number of persons. This cost also depends upon Rigveda or Yajurveda (agnaukarana means offering with Homam) system.

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