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Naga Dosham Pariharam Procedure, Benefits and Cost

Naga Dosham Pariharam is a solution for Naga Dosham in the horoscope or due to disturbances made to the Naga or due to bad karmas of earlier life or due to a combination of any one of them and all. Rahu, Ketu positions, Shani aspect, and affliction decide Naga Dosham in the horoscope. One should know the difference between Naga Dosham and Kaal Sarpa Dosha

This pooja at Gokarna, Karnataka gives better results due to Individual Puja. Gokarna, Karnataka is also a very powerful energetic Punya and Siddhi Kendra.

naga dosham pariharam

    Naga Dosham in Astrology

    If Rahu or Ketu occupies 1st, 2nd, 4t, 5th, 7th, or 8th house, then it is called Naga Dosham. On the basis of permutations and combinations, two horoscopes out of twelve horoscopes will have this Dosham.  We should study the affliction and conjunction of Shani and narrow down the quantum of effect on one’s horoscope. Further, we should study Badhak signs ie Movable, Fixed and Dual signs (Rashi) in the horoscope. One should analyze properly the influence of Rahu/Saturn/Gulika on Badhakesh.

    When Rahu and Ketu are in 1st or 2nd position this Dosham will have more effects and in a few cases unbearable damages related to the family, marriage, and life span. So Naga Dosham Pariharam at the right place by right learned scholars is very important.

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    Effects in Marriage:

    When Rahu is in the 1st house, in the horoscope, Ketu will be in the 7th house. Rahu and Ketu are always are180 degrees apart in the horoscope. This will cause marriage delay.  Similarly when Ketu placed in 1st house and Rahu in 7th place.

    When Rahu is in the 2nd house in the horoscope, Ketu will be in the 8th house. This will cause second marriage, untimely death of a life partner.  Similarly when Ketu placed in 2nd house and Rahu in 8th place.

    When Rahu/Ketu is in the 5th house this will result in a delay in conceiving a child.


    • Delay in Marriage
    • Delay in conceiving a child.
    • Extramarital affairs
    • Unlimited desires.
    • Addiction to alcohol, gambling etc

    Behavioral patterns are based on weakness not on strength. Hence disasters, depression, desperation. This will result in separation in professional and family relationships.

    Difference between Naga dosham and Kala sarpa dosha

    We have explained how Naga Dosha is formed. Kaal Sarpa Dosha is found in horoscope only when 7 planets are between Rahu and Ketu.

    What is the difference between Naga dosham and Naga samskar.

    Naga Dosham puja has to be done in all cases mentioned above except Naga killing. So Naga Samskara is a remedy for those who have killed Naga only

    Who should perform:

    • Naga dosham found in the horoscope and if there is effect of other malefic planets.
    • Disturbances caused to Naga dwelling places due to earthwork and construction works.
    • Blocking Naga path.
    • Encouraging or viewing Naga killing or hurting /wounding Naga.
    • Viewing when Naga together (Nagas union).
    • Blocking or removing Naga worship places.

    How to perform :

    Time needed: 2 days

    1. Sankalpam.

    2. Vinayaka Puja.

    3. Kalasha Sthaapane.

    4. Rahu, Ketu, sarpa Gayatri jap

    5. Naga Puja Homam

    6. Purnaahuti.

    7. Prasadam.


    • Timely marriage.
    • Conceiving child at the right time.
    • Mental and physical balance.
    • Overall improvement and removes obstacles in day to day activities.

    Pariharam Cost:

    Strats from INR 8000-45000. (Inclusive of Accommodation and Satvik Food). Variation in price is due to the number of japs, Brahmins, and puja days.

    Online booking Naga Dosham Remedies and dates:

    Om Beach Road
    Gokarna, Karnataka.
    Pin code: 581326
    Phone 1: 9663645980 (To speak in English/Hindi/Kannada)
    Phone 2: 9448628918 (Telugu/Marathi/Konkani)

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