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Vasupanchakam Dosham Pariharam shanti

(Last Updated On: May 29, 2021)

Vasupanchakam Dosham Pariharam Shanti: Avittam (Dhanishta) is the starting Nakshatram and Panchankam means five. Panchakam is created due to the union of five constellations or Nakshatram. Therefore called Vasupanchankam. Vasupanchankam Shanti Pooja with fire lab (Agni) is called Vasupanchakam Shanti Homa or Marana Shanti.

When the person dies in Avittam, Chathayam/Sadayam, Poorattathi, Uthirattathi, and Revathi nakshatras, one should perform Samayam/Kaal Shanti pooja. This Shanti pooja avoids series of sudden and accidental deaths in the family in a short period of one month- twelve months.
Ideally, this Shanti puja should be performed between the 13th day to 16th day, but within one month. Death time and day are more important irrespective of funeral takes place on the same day or some other day. However one should consult Vadhyars/Pandit regarding funeral Vidhi for persons who died during Vasupanchakam nakshatras or funeral takes place during the Vasupanchakam days as per the Hindu calendar.

Vasupanchakam Dosham Pariharam Benefits :

  • Moksha to the departed soul.
  • Avoids untimely deaths in the family.
  • Shubha karyas in the family will happen on time.
Vasupanchakam Dosham

    Vasupanchakam Shanti Procedure.

    Time needed: 2 hours and 30 minutes.

    The right way to perform Vasupanchakam death time Shanti Procedure at Punya kshetra .

    1. Sankalpa.

      The person who died his name mentioned in the Sankalpa with specific Vasupanchakam Shanti Panchaka nakshatra and death day and time. Maran Shanti for the departed soul.

    2. Vinayaka pooja.

      The Vedic procedure to have blessings of Lord Vinayaka for completion of the Marana Kaal Shanti pooja without any hurdles

    3. Navagraha Jap.

      Chanting of mantras of nine planets.

    4. Kaal shanti Jap.

      Chanting of specific Vasupanchakam Nakshatra Jap as per the death day and time.

    5. Mrityunjaya Jap.

      Jap chanted to avoid accidental or untimely deaths in the family. Mrityunjaya Jap for longevity.

    6. Navagraha, Kaal shanti Jap and Mrityunjaya Jap Homa.

    7. Poornahuti.

    8. Prasad Vitarane.

    Gokarna pooja online

    Vasupanchakam Dosham Shanti Pooja cost

    • The basic cost is INR 8000.
    • With Navagraha jap and Homa cost is from INR 14000-28000 including food and accommodation.
    • With Navagraha jap, Mrityuanjaya Jap and Homa cost is from INR 24000-45000 including food and accommodation

    Vasupanchakam dosham Kaal days, start time, and end time in the year 2021:

    Vasupanchakam inauspicious death days and time for the year 2021: One should refer below dates and compare with death date and time in Hindu Calendar. So it is suggested to perform shanti within the time frame.

    January 2021

    Panchankam Start TimePanchankam End Time
    January 15, 2021, Friday at 05:06 PMJanuary 20, 2021, Wednesday at 12:37 PM

    February 2021

    Panchankam Start TimePanchankam End Time
    February 12, 2021, Friday at 02:11 AMFebruary 16, 2021, Tuesday at 08:57 PM

    March 2021

    Panchankam Start TimePanchankam End Time
    March 11, 2021, Thursday at 09:21 AMMarch 16, 2021, Tuesday at 04:44 AM

    April 2021

    Panchankam Start TimePanchankam End Time
    April 7, 2021, Wednesday at 03:00 PMApril 12, 2021, Monday at 11:30 AM

    May 2021

    Panchankam Start TimePanchankam End Time
    May 4, 2021, Tuesday at 08:44 PMMay 9, 2021, Sunday at 05:29 PM

    June 2021

    Panchankam Start TimePanchankam End Time
    June 1, 2021, Tuesday at 03:59 AMJune 5, 2021, Saturday at 11:28 PM

    July 2021

    Panchankam Start TimePanchankam End Time
    July 25, 2021, Sunday at 10:48 PMJuly 30, 2021, Friday at 02:03 PM

    August 2021

    Panchankam Start TimePanchankam End Time
    August 22, 2021, Sunday at 07:57 AMAugust 26, 2021, Thursday at 10:29 PM

    September 2021

    Panchankam Start TimePanchankam End Time
    September 18, 2021, Saturday at 03:26 PMSeptember 23, 2021, Thursday at 06:44 AM

    October 2021

    Panchankam Start TimePanchankam End Time
    October 15, 2021, Friday at 09:16 PMOctober 20, 2021, Wednesday at 02:02 PM

    November 2021

    Panchankam Start TimePanchankam End Time
    November 12, 2021, Friday at 02:52 AMNovember 16, 2021, Tuesday at 08:15 PM

    December 2021

    Panchankam Start TimePanchankam End Time
    December 9, 2021, Thursday at 10:10 AMDecember 14, 2021, Tuesday at 02:05 AM

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