Gajendra Moksha Stotra Benefits, Puja Procedure & Cost - Gokarna Puja

Gajendra Moksha Stotra Benefits, Puja Procedure & Cost

Gajendra Moksha Stotra Benefits, the importance of chanting this stotra, the vedic puja remedy to over come past debts and present hurdles along with puja procedures and cost mentioned in this post. You will find meaning of 33 stotras in English and also when to read and where to perform this puja. Gajendra Moksha stotra benefits will be more if one performs at the right place by qualified vedic experts.

There are 33 versus (shlokas) in the Bhagavata Purana , chapter 3 which talks about the story of Lord of elephants (Gajendra) and a crocodile. This story is all about elephant surrendering to its Supreme God Vishnu by offering a lotus flower to come out of clutches of the crocodile’s jaw in the pond. The concept behind this is that one can gain complete knowledge and eternal bliss only when he/she bows whole heartedly to the the God Vishnu or the supreme God, who is the creator. Gajendra moksha means Liberation of Elephant.

Gajendra Moksha Stotra Benefits

Gajendra Moksha Stotra Benefits.

The following are the Gajendra Moksha Stotra Benefits and one who performs this puja with Homam will come out of all past life bad debts and solution for all types severe obstacles in the present life.

  • By chanting main stotra, one gets solution from any kind of trouble in life.
  • Mind control, and stability.
  • Instant relief from any kind of troubles in life.
  • One will act consciously in case of emergency.
  • Will acquire real knowledge with the highest faith in the God.
  • Certain level of Moksha.

Importance of Gajendra Moksha Stotra and Puja.

To attain certain levels of moksha this stotra and puja are very important. If one reads this stotra during Brahmamuhurtha that begins one hour and 36 minutes before sunrise, and ends 48 minutes before sunrise will get highest level of moksha and attains Deva Loka.


Time needed: 3 hours

How to perform Gajendra Moksha Stotra Puja with Homam explained below

  1. Sankalp.

  2. Vinayaka puja

  3. Kalasha sthaapana and Puja.

  4. Gajendra Moksha path shanti.

  5. Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma and Agni Sthaapana.

  6. Navagraha Jaap.

  7. Lord Vishnu, Brahma and Agni Jaap.

  8. Gajendra moksha Homam.

  9. Purnahuti.

  10. Prasad vitran.

Gajendra Moksha Stotra meaning in English.

Gajendra controlling his mind and stabilizing body remembered his previous life and started chanting the mantra related to the source .
Gajendra, while meditating on Shri Hari feels mind and body conscious and gets the feelings of nature and Purusha.
On whose support this whole world rests, from whom this world has been formed, who has created nature and he is above all and superior to this world. In this way myself and without any reason I take refuge in the Lord.
Created in himself on the strength of his will power , without frustrated eyes.
Lord, the Supreme , may you protect me.
Beyond that darkness, in his supreme abode, the God who keeps on shining in all directions, may God protect me.
Ordinary creature can neither recognize nor describe the God and deities and Maharishis also do not know their nature. God with such inaccessible character protect me.
One who is not hungry for power, helps people for well being, I pray to such Lord.
I pray, who is not born like us, who never see ego in his work, the creator of the universe and mankind. 9
My salutations to the Supreme Lord Brahma, who has infinite power. I bow again and again to the wonderful Lord of nature, invisible but in many forms.
My humble tribute to the God and to the deities who are beyond moist, speech and mind, I salute them again and again.
Without distinction and always in good faith I bow to my Lord
The innermost of all, the ultimate cause of nature but without any reason myself,
my wholehearted salutations to the Lord.
The one who knows all senses and all objects, the cause of all appearances, the form, the whole material nature and the basics of all,
my salutations to the Lord.
My salutations to the Supreme Lord of all the Vedas and Shastras, the Supreme Being of salvation.
He who is the wisdom of knowledge hidden in the three Gunas, in whose mind the tendency to create the world arises when there is a stir in such qualities and who, through the spirit of the soul element, is above the shastras in the form of prohibition. My salutations to such a God who have arisen themselves.
Salutations to the God of boundless compassion, Who frees those ignorant beings from the ties of this world, As soon as they surrender to him though , He himself is ever free and is endowed to the great mercy, And he also shines in the minds of all as their own soul, Though he himself  is the limitless Para Brahman.
My salutations to the Lord who is the most merciful.
Whoever meets with difficulty in family, including body, son, friend, house and property, by weak people and by liberated men, in the form of constant concern in his heart, I salute the Almighty Supreme God
Those who by contemplating with the desire of religion, desired enjoyment, wealth and salvation, people fulfill their wishes. But to whom various kinds of unsolicited indulgences and imperishable things, so Lord,
very merciful, bring me out of this kind of calamity forever.
One who has more than one devotee, who is primarily in the shelter of the one Supreme Personality of Godhead. Those who do not yearn for any substance like Dharma, Artha, etc., who keep diving in their blissful ocean,
praising only their most auspicious and very unique character.
Always, even to the non-devotees, attained by bhakti-yoga, yet very near, yet felt far away due to Maya, unreachable by the senses and extremely indistinguishable,
the intrinsic interest but the originator of all and I pray for them also.
The one who is made of all the deities including Brahma, the four Vedas, all the variable and invariable creatures from whose very small parts the name and shape difference.
Just as the flames of burning fire and the rays of the sun come out every time and again get absorbed in their cause, similarly the intellect, the brain, the senses, and the bodies of the various yogis, by which the body attains all the qualities, the light which descends from God Himself gets absorbed in Him again.
That God who is neither a deity, nor a demon, nor a human being, nor a creature of any other species below man. They are neither female, nor male, nor eunuch, nor are they any such creature which is included in all these three categories. They are neither virtues nor deeds, they are neither actions nor causes.
May such a Lord appear to uplift me.
Now I do not want to live after being freed from the clutches of this crocodile, the reason for this is that what should I do with the body of this elephant covered by ignorance from all sides.
wish to be freed from the body
The creator of the world, desirous of salvation, himself manifested as the world, but beyond the world,
I only remember Shri Hari .
My salutations to the one who has removed the karma through the yoga of the Lord Shakti, whom all yogis and rishis see manifested in their pure body through their yoga.
The one whose senses are settled in all the objects, such people to whom it is not possible to find a way, likewise a refugee.
And the God of immense might, my salutations to you again.
Those who cannot be understood by the living beings, I take refuge in the Lord Hari
The one who had previously described all existence of God without distinction, came close to that Gajraj when Brahmadev did not accompany and any other deity, who worships only his different types of special deities. They believe in their existence, in such a way that Lord Vishnu, who, being the soul of all, is the form of all the gods, then appeared there.
Seeing Gajendra in this way sad and hearing the prayers by him, the Lord Sudarshan
riding on the back of Garuda , reached the place
Gajendra kept a lotus in his trunk for his worship and said
“My salutations to you all-worshipped Lord Shri Hari, “My salutations to you all-worshipped Lord Shri Hari”.
Seeing the helpless elephant, Shri Hari Vishnu descended from the Garuda and cut the neck of the crocodile with his wheel and freed the elephant out of that pain.

Puja and Homam Cost.

The puja and Homam Cost varies from INR 14000 to INR 65000 depending upon the number of Gajendra moksha shloka and mantra, number of Brahmins and Puja samagri. Inclusive of Accommodation and satvik food at our ashram.

Gajendra Moksha Place and Online puja:

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2 In your absentia. This is Live online Puja. Click the below link for details.

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