Top 23 puja and Homam at Gokarna - Gokarna Puja

Top 23 puja and Homam at Gokarna

Gokarna the ultimate place to perform following 23 pujas and Homams.


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Moksha narayan bali
Pretha samskara pooja
Tripindi shradh

Sarpa samskara pooja
Nag bali
Naga prathistapana
Uttara kriya
Varsha shraddha
Maha Ganapathi shanti
Navagraha shanti
Mrityunjaya shanti
Shata rudra havana
Maha Rudrabhishek Puja
Navchandi havan
Maha Sudarshana Homa
Vamachara Sandhi Shanti
Shukra aditya sandhi shanti
Rahu Brihaspati sandhi shanti
Kujarahu sandi shanti
Rahu ketu pida kala sarpa shanti
Kankan or vihava bhaghya Vinayaka shanti


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8 thoughts on “Top 23 puja and Homam at Gokarna”

  1. Raj Gopal Adi guruji – On 13th Nov 2017, 7.30pm we checked into your pre-arranged accomodation and pooja scheduled on 14th Nov 2017. Thank you so much for your hospitality and well performed pooja. Myself, wife, Mother and Sister all were very much satisfied the way pooja was performed, food was prepared and served to us in your ashram which was very tasty and very homely and accomodation at lodge was very good. Guruji please convey our regards to your other 4 guruji’s. All five of you performed very religiously and no waste of time between each guruji’s handing over so smoothly and every Guruji was well aware of us in advance. Also our thanks to Cook and Ramanna.

    T M Manjunath & Family

  2. We were 14 of our family members and wanted to perform annual shraddha of my father in Dec 17.
    We approached Mr Raj gopal adiga On telephone who was very helpful to provide all details extensively.
    On the days of our stay, The accommodation, hospitality rendered was more than comfortable.
    The rituals were performed by learned scholars.
    The cook was very helpful to provide tasty food.
    Overall, gave us immense satisfaction and can suggest to approach Mr Raj gopal adiga for shraddha At Gokarna .
    Srinivas and family from Bangalore

    1. Puja can be performed without performer presence also. Do you require any details contact M: +91 9448628918

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