Puja for Wedding Anniversary | Happy marriage Anniversary| - Gokarna Puja

Puja for Wedding Anniversary | Happy marriage Anniversary|

Puja for Wedding Anniversary: A marriage anniversary is a special day for the couple and their family members.

On this auspicious day, family members perform special puja. A couple performs puja themselves at temples or at the energetic centers. Ideally, they perform Navagraha Purvak Aikyamatha puja with Ayusha Vraddhi homam.

The couple can offer special puja on any wedding anniversary or on 5th/10th/25th/50th etc.

Puja for Wedding Anniversary

Puja for Wedding Anniversary Benefits

Helps to have healthy life and longevity. Brings happy and harmonious life between couples. Helps couples to face hurdles related to money, land, and profession with equal participation and understanding.

Puja Procedure

Time needed: 2 hours and 15 minutes

Important steps of Marriage Anniversary Puja

  1. Sankalp.

  2. Vinayaka Puja.

  3. Kalasha Sthaapane.

  4. Kalasha Puja.

  5. Navagraha Jap.

  6. Aikyamatha Jap.

  7. Ayusha Jap

  8. Navahraha, Aikyamatha and Ayusha Homam.

  9. Poornahuti.

  10. Prasadam.

Wedding Anniversary Pooja Cost

Pooja’s cost varies from INR 14000-INR 85000. Inclusive of accommodation and food. The variation in price is due to the number of japs, number of Brahmins, and type of puja.


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    Puja Place: Punyaashrama. Gokarna, Karnataka

    Online Puja is also available.

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