Navagraha homam to overcome bad effects of planets - Gokarna Puja

Navagraha homam to overcome bad effects of planets

(Last Updated On: April 5, 2018)

Navagraha homam benefits, cost, timings and puja places

Navagraha homam as the name denotes, puja or homa performed at home, office or temple to get right solution for navagraha doshas. Each graha has its own significance and effects on one’s life failure or success.

Sun- Health

Moon- Success

Mars: Wealth

Mercury: Wisdom

Jupiter- Knowledge and Education

Venus: Creativity like art, music etc

Saturn: Happiness

Rahu: Friendship

Ketu: Health, wealth, and relationship

Who should perform Navagraha homam?

1 As per the advise of learned astrologer

2 If four or more planets are placed in unhealthy position in a horoscope.

3 Depending upon rahu and ketu positions and dosha like Kaal sarp dosha.

Procedure of Navagrha Homam

1 Ganesh Puja

2 Sankalp

3 Kalasa Staphana

4 Recitation of jap mantras

5 Aahuti

6 Poornahuti

7 Prasad

Benefits of Navagraha homa

By performing navagraha puja, positive energy is induced to improve health, gain wealth, achieve success in profession and improve relationships. Gokarna, Karnataka is the right place to perform  navagraha homa.

This puja can be performed at Gokarna in the presence/absence of performer and also at your place by our learned pandits.

To overcome bad effects of nine celestial bodies contact:

M:  +91 9448628918




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  1. Namasthe,i been looking to do a navagraha puja for me and my spouse to get we are going thru a hard how to get the details?

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