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Online Barsi Ceremony Pooja Benefits, Procedure, and Cost

Online Barsi Ceremony: This first-year Annual Shradh ceremony is a very important afterlife ritual. Barsi Shradh ceremony should perform exactly one year after the death as per the Hindu calendar tithi date. We not only express our gratitude to ancestors but also the opportunity to offer Annadaan at Punyakshetra.

online barsi ceremony

Online Barsi Ceremony Benefits:

  • Pooja at Popular Punyakshetra only.
  • Rituals by Vedic Experts.
  • Rituals participants can be from any part of the world.
  • Hassle-free puja procedure.
  • No need to buy or organize puja materials.
  • Live Online rituals.
  • With the blessings of our ancestors, family members will have hurdles-free activities in all walks of life. So Barsi ceremony is a must to do ritual in Hindu Dharma.

How to perform Barsi-First Year ShradhProcedure

Time needed: 2 hours

To know Barsi ceremony Puja procedure visit How to perform Annual shraddha (Varshika or Varsi Shraddha or Varshabdika or Varushabdigam ).
Find below the Online Barsi pooja Procedure.

  1. Brahmin Representative.

    A learned Brahmin will represent the performer. He will carry all Shradh Karya and Shradh Karma on behalf of the performer.

  2. Online Sankalp.

    The actual performer will take online Sankalp on the live video link.

  3. Participants.

    Family members from different places can participate online and observe the rituals for the entire duration.

Online Barsi Ceremony Pooja Cost.

Online Barsi pooja cost varies from INR 6000 – INR 45000. Variation in Price is due to the Number of Pandits, Brahman Bhojana, Brahmana Daan. For additional rituals like Prayaschita Tila Homam and Narayan Bali, the cost will be up to INR 45000.

Ritual Place:

Om Beach Road
Karnataka, India

Know More:

To speak in English/Kannada/Hindi
Phone+91 9663645980
To speak in Telugu/Kannada/Marathi/Konkani
Phone+91 9448628918

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