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Kalathra Dosha Pooja Causes, Remedies, and Cost.

Kalathra Dosha Pooja: Kalathra is also known as Kalatra. Kalathra means wife, husband, spouse, or consort. In astronomy, Kalathra means the 7th lunar station or mansion.
Kalathra sthaana is called saptama house in the Lagna chart. This 7th position in the Lagna chart throws information about bride and bridegroom before marriage and desires, sex, relationship, partnership after marriage. One has to refer Navamasa chart and the moon position to analyze Kalathra dosha. So Kalathra dosha remedy is very important before or after the marriage.

Causes of Kalathra Dosha

Out of 9 planets Sun, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn are malefic planets. So affliction by these planets by aspecting 7th house or by occupying 7th house causes Kalathra dosha. This dosha is checked from the moon and ascendant. In few cases, the 2nd house and 8tth house are also referred to give a specific solution for Kalathra dosha.

Kalthra Dosha and Venus effect

Venus is Kalathra karaka. Venus is responsible for signifying the partnership. Shukra rules the natural 7th house which is libra. Venus is the planet of happiness and pleasure and also the planet for a spouse.

kalathra dosha pooja

Effects :

1 Delay in the marriage
2 Misunderstanding with the spouse.
3 Serious effects on health and lead to death and also accidental death.
4 Separation from the spouse and staying away from home.
5 Extramarital affair.
6 Hurdles in the profession due to disturbance in the family life.

Hence it is better to perform right homam for Kalatra dosha found in horoscope.


1 Kalathra Dosha Nivarna pooja.
2 Nava Graha homa.
3 Shukra/Mangala/Rahu/Ketu/Satrurn Mantra Jap Homa.

Therefore remedies in the form of Homam gives best results.

Simple Remedies:

1 Donate to the poor.
2 Respect parents and take care.
3 Regularly perform ancestor after-life rituals.
4 Donate copper vessels to temples.

Pooja Procedure

Time needed: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Kalathra Dosh Nivarana pooja for happy married life.

  1. Kalathra Dosha nivaran sankalp.

  2. Vinyaka pooja.

  3. Kalasha Sthaapane.

  4. Kalasha Puja.

  5. Kalathra Graha Jap.

  6. Navagraha Purvak Kalatra Homa.

  7. Kalathra Homa.

  8. Poornahuti.

  9. Prasad Vitarane.

Kalathra dosha pooja cost.

Pooja cost starts from INR 12000-35000. Inclusive of accommodation, food, pooja materials, and Brahmin Dakshina.
Important days to perform: Tuesday/Friday. 

Kalathra Nivarana pooja details Contact :

Om Beach Road
Gokarna, Karnataka.
Pin code: 581326
E-Mail: gokarnapuja@gmail.com
Phone 1: 9663645980 (To speak in English/Hindi/Kannada)
Phone 2: 9448628918 (To speak in Kannada/Hindi/Telugu/Marathi/Konkani)

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