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How to get positive Results for malefic Sunapha Yoga in Astrology

(Last Updated On: November 11, 2021)

Benefic Sunapha Yoga forms when the 2nd house from the Moon is occupied by a benefic planet in the astrological birth chart. Sun (Ravi) must not be in the 2nd house from the Moon. Also, Moon and benefic planets in the second house are placed between 12 degrees to 20 degrees apart. Sun and Moon are luminaries.

Sunapha Yoga

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    Weak Sunapha Yoga forms with the following possibilities.

    • Rahu and Ketu are in the second house from the Moon.
    • Moon in conjunction with malefic planets.
    • Moon is debilitated, afflicted or aspected by a malefic planet.
    • 2nd House from the Moon aspected by a malefic planet.
    • Moon and 2nd house planet are within 5 degrees or beyond 26 degrees apart.

    How to get best results due to Malefic Sunapha Yoga.

    • Respect Elders and carry after life rituals regularly for ancestors.
    • Respect Parents, Teachers, Mentors, Partners.
    • Donate food for poor and help for educational and health needs.
    • Perform Navagraha Purvak Rudra homam and a Specific malefic planet homam at the right energetic place.


    • Money earning in an ethical way.
    • You will have a unique business with less competition.
    • You may gain wealth, although not an industry expert or a subject matter expert.
    • By doing this pooja, you will make money due to reference, influence or the community around you.
    • Enjoy all materialistic benefits.

    Malefic Sunapha Yoga Pooja Cost.

    The Homam cost varies from INR 12000-INR 65000. This price depends upon the type of the pooja and number of mantras, the number of Brahmins, Accommodation, and Food.

    For details Contact :

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