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Anapha Yoga in Astrology and Benefits.

Anapha Yoga forms when the 12th house from the Moon is occupied by a benefic planet in the astrological birth chart. Sun (Ravi) must not be in the 12th house from the Moon. Also, Moon and benefic planets in the 12th house are placed between 12 degrees to 20 degrees apart.

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    The native will get the best benefits when the 12th house from the Moon is not malefic or aspected by a malefic planet or in conjunction with the malefic planet. These planet positions are also applicable to the Moon.

    Benefic Anapha Yoga Benefits.

    • Native will live like a King and a community leader.
    • Native will have concerns for the family members, employees and others.
    • This yoga person will be healthy and charismatic
    • Wealthy and socially active.

    Malefic Anapha Yoga Remedy Pooja Cost.

    The Homam cost varies from INR 12000-INR 65000. This price depends upon the type of the pooja and number of mantras, the number of Brahmins, Accommodation, and Food.

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    Also, see Sunapha Yoga.

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