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Sarpa Samskara Pooja Benefits, Procedure, and Cost.

Sarpa Samskara pooja: This puja has normally three procedures. 1 Sarpa samskara. 2 Nag dosha nivarna pooja. 3 Naga/Sarpa prathistapana.

These pujas are two days rituals. 1 Sarpa samskara (First day pooja) 2 Nag/Sarpa Dosha Nivarna puja and Naga/Sarpa Prathistapana are second day rituals. Due to sutaka, Naga/Sarpa Prathistapana will be performed on the second day. However, at a couple of puja places perform, three days pooja (not for all pujas related to sarpa) like Kukke Subramanya, Karnataka. This is because they conduct common pujas. But wherever individual pooja is performed it is for two days only, like Gokarna Punya Kshetra, Karnataka.

Here in this article, we are going to mention more about sarpa samskara. As the name itself indicates funeral vidhi followed in the case of snake death. For the benefit of readers, sarpa samskara pooja reviews, online pooja contact number at Gokarna, mentioned at the end of this article..

sarpa samskara pooja

    Who should perform Sarpa Samskara pooja ?

    • Those who have directly killed Sarpa as an individual or in a group. Indirect involvement of persons in this act also should perform this pooja.
    • Knowingly or unknowingly those who have blocked Sarpa sanchara/Sarpa patha. Normally Sarpa uses regular land surface or any other surface in the form of building /tree etc for its daily travel from its dwelling place to any other place. This path is its daily routine for food and others. This is called sarpa path.
    • Persons who have damaged or been involved in the destruction of Sarpa dwelling places.
    • Those who destroy Sarpa ovum (Sarpa Anda)
    • Persons who put Sarpa in captivity, called Sarpa Bandhan.
    • Those who have killed Sarpa but not carried its funeral ie Sarpa samskara as per the samskara standards.
    • If Sarpa dosha found and killing of Sarpa found by ancestors in horoscope or in any medium of past and future predictions.

    Especially those who are in the construction field, contractors, civil engineers, earth moving equipment owners, and operators, Evacuation agencies should consider doing this samskara. If someone from the family killed Sarpa and hence this bad karma is likely to be passed on to future generations. Careful study of horoscope or some other fact-finding methods will suggest this pooja.


    1 Timely marriage.
    2 Solutions related to pregnancy or conceiving a child.
    3 Completion of works on time.
    4 Removal of hurdles in the profession.
    5 Good health.
    6 Contentment in life with good family relationships.

    Gokarna pooja online

    How to perform Sarpa samskara pooja.

    Time needed: 2 hours and 30 minutes

    Sarpa Sanskara pooja procedure

    1. Vinayaka pooja

    2. Sankalpa and Sankalp objective. Reasons to perform sarpa samskara.

    3. Sarpa samskara.

    4. Sarpa mantra Jap.

    5. Sarpa Pind pradhan.

    6. Sarpa Pinda Puja.

    Sarpa Samskara Pooja Cost.

    This puja cost starts from INR 8000 – 28000. The difference in the price is due to the number of sarpa mantras chanting and the number of Brahmins. Those who would like to perform only sarpa samskara, cost is INR 8000. This is a one day ritual. To perform both sarpa samskara and sarpa prathistapan, price is INR 16000 and two day rituals. All poojas are individual poojas, including accommodation and satvik food at our ashrama.

    Do’s and Don’ts.

    1 Perform this puja only when you or your family members are directly or indirectly involved in snake killing
    or else as explained in the section who should perform this pooja?
    2 The day you perform this ritual you must not perform any Deva/Devi pooja.
    3 If you perform both sarpa samskara and naga prathistapan, first day sarpa samskara, second day
    naga prathistapana

    1 Do not perform sarpa samskara and naga prathistapana on the same day.
    2 Also note this puja is not the exclusive and unique pooja for Kuja or Kaal sarpa dosha.

    Pooja Reviews.

    We have listed sarpa samskara pooja reviews. This is limited to Punyashrama, Gokarna Puja Services, Gokarna, Karnataka. All the poojas conducted at Punyashrama, Gokarna are individual exclusive pooja, not a common pooja.

    Sarpa Samskara Contact Number and Online Booking.

    Om Beach Road
    Gokarna, Karnataka.
    Pin code: 581326
    Phone 1: 9663645980 (To speak in English/Hindi/Kannada)
    Phone 2: 9448628918 (To speak in Kannada/Hindi/Telugu/Marathi/Konkani)

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