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Gau Daan Benefits, Procedure, Cost, and Place

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2021)

Gau daan is the supreme satisfying service among all donations. Gau means cow. It is one among the seven mothers of every human as per Hindu scripture. Godaan means “gift of a cow” in English. It is sacred and auspicious. When people perform dosha nivarna pooja donate cow. If it is affordable one should make this daan once in a lifetime. Gau daanam should be done along with the calf. This daan is also called godaana.

gau daan

Five types of Godaana

  1. Debt (Runa) Godaana: A person may fail to repay debts to others. The amount could be small or big. Such persons do this daan.
  2. Godaana(Utkranti) for painless death: This is made to prevent pain at the time of death. Especially for those who are on the death bed.
  3. Trouble-free after-death journey (Antardhenu): After death, one has to travel long and face many obstacles to reach the right destination. To make this journey smooth, godaana is made.
  4. Vaitarani Godaana: This is for the purpose of crossing the river of hell Vaitarani. Provides a safe journey across the dangerous river.
  5. Godaana for Moksha (Moksha Dhenu): This is made to attain freedom from rebirths and lead to a respectable life during existence.

    Gau Daan Benefits:

    • A complete solution for bad karma.
    • The donor attains the highest level of eternal bliss.
    • Helps to lead a pure life.
    • Resonates internal thought and expression.
    • Afterlife liberation.


    Time needed: 4 hours.

    Donor will get better results if following steps done properly under the guidance of the right Brahmin and at the right place.

    1. Gau cleaning

    2. Alankaram

    3. Gau pooja

    4. Food daan

    5. Gau Arpane to a Brahmin

    Gau Daan Cost:

    Cost varies from ₹ 38000-65000. This includes calf. The cost depends on the following factors.

    1. Pratyaksha daan in the presence of a donor or online gau daan.
    2. Additional pooja cost like any dosha nivarna homam.

    Godaan Place:

    Om Beach Road
    Gokarna, Karnataka.
    Pin code: 581326

    Know More:
    9663645980 (English/Hindi/Kannada)
    9448628918 (Kannada/Telugu/Hindi/Marathi/Konkani)

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