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Kuja Rahu Sandhi Shanti Procedure, Benefits and Cost

(Last Updated On: April 23, 2022)

Kuja Rahu Sandhi Shanti Pooja:The ending period of Kuja Maha dasha and starting period of Rahu Maha dasha forms Kuja Rahu Sandhi. One should perform 45 days before the ending period of Kuja Maha Dasha. Especially the last six months of Kuja Maha Dasha and the first six months of Rahu Dasha are crucial periods. Persons perform this Shanti pooja Navagraha Purvak with a primary focus on Kuja and Rahu mantras.

Aries and Scorpio own house for Mars. Kuja is responsible for relationships and land. Aggressive and commanding in nature. Kuja is a masculine planet. So one should perform this pooja with Homam to control aggression. Rahu Graha related to ancestors, impulsive and unusual by nature. Rahu is a feminine planet. Budha (Mercury) is the enemy of Kuja. Moon, Sun, and Jupiter are friends. Venus and Saturn are neutral planets. Sun and Moon are enemies of Rahu. Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn are friends. Mercury and Ketu are neutral planets. Hence bad effects of planets can be reduced by doing this Sandhi Shanti pooja.

Kuja (Mars) planet is Lord house or Swami Graha for Mrigshira, Chitra, and Dhanishta nakshatras. (Constellations).
Rahu planet is Lord house or swami Graha for Ardra, Swati, and Poorva Shatbhisha nakshatras. (Constellations).
Kuja Dasha’s period is 7 years and Rahu Dasha’s period is 18 years.

Kuja rahu sandhi shanti


    Minimizes negative effects.
    Improves family relationships.
    Avoids accidents.
    Success in the profession.
    Good health and wealth.
    Minimizes unnecessary aggression
    Minimizes traveling and unusual movements without any purpose.

    Pooja Procedure

    Time needed: 2 hours and 30 minutes

    Kuja Rahu Sandhi Shanti Pooja remedies with the right Vedic procedures

    1. Kuja Rahu sandhi shanti sankalp

    2. Vinayak Puja.

    3. Kalasha Sthaapane.

    4. Kalasha Puja.

    5. Navagraha Jap.

    6. Kuja Jap.

    7. Rahu Jap.

    8. Navagraha purvak Kuja Rahu Homam.

    9. Poornahuti.

    10. Prasad Vitarne.

    Kuja Rahu Sandhi shanti pooja cost.

    Kuja Rahu Sandhi Shanti Pooja cost starts from INR 14000-45000. Inclusive of accommodation, food, pooja materials, and Brahmin Dakshina. Important days to perform: Tuesday/Friday. (Avoid Janma nakshatra on these days)

    About Kuja Rahu Sandhi Shanti pooja details Contact :

    Om Beach Road
    Gokarna, Karnataka.
    Pin code: 581326
    E-Mail: gokarnapuja@gmail.com
    Phone 1: 9663645980 (To speak in English/Hindi/Kannada)
    Phone 2: 9448628918 (To speak in Kannada/Hindi/Telugu/Marathi/Konkani)

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