Cost of Narayan Nagbali Pooja - Gokarna Puja

Cost of Narayan Nagbali Pooja

Narayan Nagbali Pooja Cost depends upon the following factors.

  1. Pooja type.
  2. Pooja Procedures.
  3. The number of Tila homam Sankhya, Pooja materials, and Pooja components.
  4. The number of days.
  5. Pundit or Brahmin qualification and number of Brahmins.
  6. The puja facility in terms of stay and type of food in the pre-pooja and post-pooja process.
  7. Daana or type of Donation.
Narayan nagbali pooja

Pooja type:

There are two types of Narayan Nagbali pooja

I) Individual Puja

ii) Common Puja

Individual Puja: As the name indicates, it is exclusive, and puja is for one family and one gotra. The cost of puja is 30-35 percent more than the common puja.

Common Puja:  More than one family of different Gotras will be present. The puja performers can be from different places and may not be related to each other.

Pooja Procedures.

Narayan bali puja has eleven procedures, and Nagbali has three. Narayan bali homam, pinda pradhan, and tila homam are the main procedures of the Narayan bali pooja.

Click here to know all procedures or puja vidhi. Three significant components of this puja are Vedic procedures compliance for Devatha Karya and Narayan Nagbali puja procedures.

The number of Tila homam Sankhya and Pooja materials:

The number of Tila homam Sankhya may vary from hundreds to a few thousand.
Therefore, the quality, quantity of Pooja samagri, and number of Brahmins are vital in calculating the puja’s cost.

 The number of days:

Individual Puja: 

One day only. It also depends upon the Punya Kshetra. In Gokarna, the puja is for one day only. 

But to conduct a one-day puja, one should have availability of a sufficient number of brahmins, accommodation, and food facilities.

Common Puja:

Two or three days. Puja depends on the Punya Kshetra.

Pundits or Brahmins qualification and number of Brahmins.

1 Presence of Chaturveda pundits increases the puja cost.
2 The number of Brahmins and Government recognized Vedic school-certified pundits. Normally Dakshina for qualified priests is on the higher side.

The puja facility.

The puja cost depends on the following facility factors.
a) An Individual room or shared room.
b) With food or without food. Satvik food preffered.
c) The number of persons allowed in a package.
d) AC/NON AC accommodation
e) Check-in Time and Check-out time.
f) Extended stay option.
g) Extra-person/s charges.
h) Distance between Stay place, Puja place, and Main temple.

Daana or type of Donation.

The pooja cost will increase for Dasha daana, Brahamane aaradhane, Gau daan etc.

Narayan Nagbali Pooja cost.

To conclude, the minimum cost for an Individual Narayan Nagbali puja is INR 15000, including accommodation and food.
The minimum cost for an Individual Narayan Nagabali puja, Tripindi shraddha is INR 18000, including accommodation and food.

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