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Balarishta Dosha in Astrology, Effects, and Remedies

Balarishta Dosha in Astrology: Balarishta Dosha means terrible luck or misfortune during the early stages of childhood. The trouble of health could be during the first couple of years after birth or a couple of months before delivery inside the womb. 

Astrology says up to eight years. In a few cases, it can be up to twelve years. Balagraha Dosha also refers to the same dosha. In Balagraha dosha child is the sufferer. In Balarishta Dosha, sufferers can be parents/Children, or both.

Balarishta dosha in astrology

How to find Balarishta Dosha in Horoscope or Kundli?

There are three significant rules based on planetary positions in the horoscope.
1 Moon in 6th/8th/12th position from the Ascendant (Lagna) associated with malefic planets Sun/Mars/Saturn/Rahu/Ketu or aspected by these malefic planets.
2 Mars in Ascendant or 8th house associated with Sun/Saturn.
3 Sun in its own house (Leo sign) associated with Rahu/Ketu or Moon in its own house (Cancer sign) associated with Rahu/Ketu.

If childbirth takes place 48 minutes before Sunrise or 48 minutes after Sunset is also Balarishta Dosha.

Effects of Balarishta Dosha in Astrology.

1 Ill health (indigestion, vomiting, diarrhea, Nightmares, fear, tics, cramps, etc.)
2 Physical and Mental development problems.
3 Hurdle related to speech.
4 Inability to learn. 
5 In a few cases, death before twelve years.


1 Ill health for mother/ father or both after childbirth.
2 Life losses.

Remedies for Balarishta Dosha in Astrology.

1 Mrityuanjaya Homam for a malefic planet.
2 Dhanavantri jap Homam with Specific planet dosha puja.
3 Gingelly oil Dhrasthi for the newly born child.
4 Last but not least, follow all medical treatments as suggested by Doctors.
Above dosha nivarana pujas are general solutions. However, one should consult the right astrologer.

Puja cost.

Balarishta puja cost with homam starts from INR 14000-55000. Inclusive of accommodation and Satvik food. The price variation is due to the number of mantras, Brahmins, and donations.


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     Balarishta Dosha in South Indian languages.
    బాల అరిష్ట దోషాలు (Telugu). 
    பாலாரிஷ்டம் தோஷம் (Tamil). 
    ಬಾಲಾರಿಷ್ಟ ದೋಷ (Kannada).

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