Get your free Astrology predictions by Date of Birth

To know your future on the basis of vedic astrology by date of birth fill up following details. Limit your enquiry to three questions in the message box. Get your free solutions.

Know 7 important factors which decide your future

1 Birth Time

Birth star and doshas are mainly responsible and put hurdles in your life. Know whether you have pitra dosha, kuja dosha, sarp dosha, Kaal Sarp dosha? Get dosh nivarna puja solutions.

2 Health

Do you require any special attention for your health?

3 Education

Know about your education and distractions while studying.

4 Profession/Business

Success of profession on your qualification or others?

5 Marriage

When will happen your marriage? Factors that decide your marriage.

6 Family life

How you can balance your profession and family life

7 Life after retirement

Measurable timely preparations and actions required to lead healthy post retirement life